„Full bridge + LLC + SR + DC/DC“ – what does that mean? We shed a bit of light on the world of PSU abbreviations

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Power supply units are the hearts of the computer. Without them nothing is going to work – where there’s no power, there’s no activity. In the earlier days their structure was quite simple, they weren’t much more than compact transformers. These days they are way more complex – and with a heightened complexity comes a higher amount of kryptic abbreviations. Which is why we shed some light onto the meaning of “DC/DC”, “LLC”, “Half/Full Bridge” or “Synchronous Rectifier”. Let’s take our flagship PSU “Dark Power Pro 11” for example. Its topology reads like this: “Full Bridge + LLC + SR + DC/DC” – what does that mean? Let’s take it from the top.


In electronics, “L” represents a coil and “C” a capacitor. Therefore an “LLC” means two coils and one capacitor. This integrated circuit has one function: To harmonize the alternating current, by transforming square patterns, which are typical for capacitor circuits, into sinusform waves, which highly increase efficiency.


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